CrossRoads is a growing church located in Norfolk, Virginia. We are dedicated to furthering the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a commitment to the CAMPUS of Old Dominion University (and other local campuses), the COMMUNITY, and the WORLD.
CrossRoads provides inviting, relevant and challenging worship services each Sunday. We desire to create a different church experience; one that is refreshing to those who have been burned by church or folks that have never stepped foot in a church. We welcome everyone no matter where you are in your journey with God. We firmly believe that our focus should not be on being “good” people, but on the goodness of our God. 
Finally, we are a biblical community dedicated to pursuing God’s Word and seeing the city transformed by His love. Our focus is not on building a large organization, but instead it is seeing people become fully devoted followers of Christ. 
CrossRoads is a southern Baptist Church that functions more like an interdenominational church. Every Baptist Church is a self-governing body, however, we see great value in being part of a network of churches that can do more together than any one church can do independently.
The Southern Baptist Convention is a network of autonomous churches voluntarily banded together to engage in missions enterprises and ministry activities designed to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord. Cooperation requires trust; it requires commitment; it requires confidence that God’s purposes are bigger than what we can accomplish by ourselves.
At CrossRoads, we take Jesus’ last words to his disciples seriously – “go and make disciples”. We define success not by how many people attend on a Sunday morning or how much money is put in the offering plate each week, but rather we measure success by how effectively people are following the person of Jesus.